Drinks Service Bar Equipment

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  • Cocktail Balloon
    Cocktail Balloon $30

    Holds 3L of cocktail of your choice

  • Barrel Bar
    Barrel Bar $100

    Includes 2 barrels and bar top

  • White Service Bar
    White Service Bar $50.00
  • SS Drinks Tub
    SS Drinks Tub $10.00
  • White Drinks Tub
    White Drinks Tub $10.00
  • SS Jug Cylindrical
    SS Jug Cylindrical $4.00
  • SS Insulated for hot/cold
    SS Insulated for hot/cold $4.00
  • Polroger Champagne Ice Bucket
    Polroger Champagne Ice Bucket $10.50
  • SS Ice Bucket
    SS Ice Bucket $5.00
  • SS Cocktail Shaker
    SS Cocktail Shaker $7.00
  • Temprite Beer Pouring System
    Temprite Beer Pouring System $130.00

    Includes beer gas. Extractors to suit XXXX, Tooheys, Hahn, Great Northern or CUB